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We performed a full integration of an Ecochlor Ballast Water Tank (BWT) system onboard the Seabulk owned Brenton Reef Chemical Tanker whilst it was in dry dock in TNG Shipyard, Veracruz.

The entire project was completed within 20 days with 4 expert technicians attending. Phase one entailed the construction of a two story deck house to house the BWT system. Initially we pulled the cable, installed cabinets and constructed a switch panel that was mounted inside the newly assembled deck house.

Phase two involved connecting the cables to power the system. We worked alongside Ecochlor commissioners and shipyard staff to install under flow meters and valves along with welding junction boxes, running additional cabling and cable ways and added lighting to the deckhouse.

The final phase involved identifying and running cables from the ships engines to the deckhouse control panel via a carefully designed an accurate cable penetration route and installing tank radars so that accurate measurements can be taken of the tanks volume.

Ballast Water Tank & Radar Retrofit

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