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With environmental regulations continuously evolving ship owners are obligated to ensure that ships's effluent is entirely clean and meets all international maritime standards.

Working alongside Wärtsilä North America we upgraded the MBR system onboard the Carnival Elation in 2023.

This efficient black and grey water management system allow's robust compliance operation worldwide, with future proof performance through a vessel’s life.

The previous system onboard comprised of a series of manual values that controlled each of the tanks making up the extremely complex system, this obsolete technology presented the ship with the potential risk of catastrophic cross-contamination of the tanks and even the chance of dumping grey water into the sea.

Initially we decommissioned all of the old equipment including electrical cabinets, piping and valves.

Our team was then tasked with running cable and installing new automatic valves with actuators so that the valves can be operated from the ECR.

It look 15 days for a team of 7 technicians to successfully install and test the new system.


Environmentally clean

Lowest possible cost of ownership.

Minimisation of size and weight.

Meet and exceed the likely regulatory requirements for both new and existing installations.

Maintain a more proactive public image.

Ease of installation with modular designs.

Simple design compared to submerged membrane or hybrid systems.

Complete flexibility with newbuild, conversion and retrofit options.

Remotely monitored by specialists.

One supplier, one complete system.

Grey Water System & Cable Installation

Power in Numbers




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