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Innovative design, installation and repair solutions

Our mechanical engineers are both competent and experienced in all aspects of marine engineering including working within original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) guidelines.

With a Ruston, Wartsila, MAK, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi and Doosan trained engineering team, our engineers are supported by dedicated experienced technical management, modern infrastructure and a long standing relationship and proven track record of working with all the major OEMs.

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Solutions for every vessel

With our specialist fabrications, engineering support services and offshore site teams, we can provide you with lightweight and virtually maintenance-free, standard and custom systems.

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HVAC & GRE Piping Specialists

We design, engineer and fabricate Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite structures, piping systems and pressure vessels using the highest quality FRP composite (GRE, GRP, GRV, Phenolic) materials.

Certified Welding Teams

The welders associated with CA Marine Services have years of marine weld experience and can work in all sorts of spaces, on all types of vessels.

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Tried and tested mechanical engineers

We provide Fabrication, Welding, Piping, Structure, Insulation, HVAC, and Mechanical Installation all over the world.


Services include but are not limited to:

•  New System Integrations

•  Piping Replacement & Supporting

•  Tank Fabrication

•  Mast Retrofit

•  Seawater Cooling System / Freshwater Piping System / Steam Piping System / Co2 Piping System

•  Sprinkler System

•  Pneumatic System

•  Cooling System

•  Refrigeration Piping / Fuel system Piping / Exhaust Gas Piping

•  Fire & Splash Door Installation

•  Fire Protection Insulation

•  Pipe, Deck & Bulkhead Cladding

•  Heat Exchanger Installation

•  Rigging of Equipment

•  Steel Duct / Steel & Aluminum Bulkhead / Steel Replacement / Stainless Piping

Our mechanical work in action

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