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In reaction to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, CA Marine Services have partnered with Wärtsilä APPS to provide much needed security to the Shipping & Maritime industry against the spread of the virus. One key way in slowing the spread of the virus is the sanitization of environments, the air quality of an environment can reduce the risk of infection and minimise the chance of your area becoming unsafe.

Hospital grade high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters along with a UV-C air zapping process work together within ventilation systems. The hospital grade UV-C process has been previously proven to kill coronaviruses, along with other microbes like mold, bacteria and fungi.

How it works

Designed for in-duct air treatment, it can be applied inside final AHU portion to disinfect surface, too.

Fit in small spaces, even for retrofit applications, easy installation.

This solution includes less pieces, but the fixing is made directly on coil frame (size must be precise).

< 16.000 Hours life time

Square-grid device, the distance between lamps has been designed and can be sized to treat the air, beside internal surfaces constant disinfection.

HEPA Filters

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresters) filtration systems filter dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, ensuring the highest possible air quality of cabins. HEPA filters offer a similar level of performance to those used to keep the air clean in hospital operating rooms and industrial clean rooms.


Filtration class from H14 and U15 (EN 1822), efficiency weight average 99.999% and 99.9999%.


Different sizes and efficiency levels available.



• Low pressure drop

• Long life operation

• Reduced energy consumption

• Good air distribution

UVC Light


1. INCREASE AIR QUALITY by reducing unpleasant odour & less microorganisms present.


2. INCREASE ENERGY EFFICIENCY biofilm less than 0.5mm can reduce efficiency up to 40%.


3. DECREASE A.H.U MAINTENANCE COST with less long term problems.


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